Monday, 22 November 2010

Useful New Multimedia Tool: BridgeURL

A New Tool We Think You Might Like! 

BridgeURL: Share multiple links with one short URL

Launched only few weeks ago, BridgeURL is an easy way for you to share multiple links with one easy to remember URL. You can input multiple links and generate one URL that will display all listed links in a slideshow format.

It’s useful for researching a project with your team, for example, or just for sharing a collection of cool sites with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Lets say that you want to share your 10 Youtube videos with friends, Simply copy/paste the URL on Bridge and get one easy-to-share link!

You can use BridgeURL in Different Ways: 
It creates slideshow of URL’s on specific topic to be shared 
You can share links of articles or apps for your followers 
Share your most popular posts with your Twitters users or email list 
Designers could use BridgeURL as a way to share their portfolio

With a few links we created an example portfolio with some of the websites we have created for our clients. Click the image to view it:

It’s simple and fast to use. BridgeURL is a free service and no sign-up is required; simply enter a title for your slideshow and your list of URLs and hit “Create link”.

We think it is a genius idea.

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Elaine Monteiro 

Monday, 20 September 2010

Can social media be used to make the world a better place?

Social Good Day - Presented by Mashable & (RED)

With Social Day taking place on Thursday, September 23rd, it is the perfect time to talk about ‘How can social media be used to make the world a better place?’

Bernardo Carvalho from Bravo Media is organizing a meet up to celebrate, share, educate, and engage in a discussion on how technology and social networks can play a leading role to tackle some of the world’s social challenges and issues.

The more we become aware of what it really means to be socially conscious, the more likely we are to make tiny changes contributing for positive change in the future.

We invite you to join the “Social Media for #SocialGood” movement by taking part on 23rd September from 19:15 to 22:00 at the 5th VIEW, Piccadilly Circus.

We believe a great way to become more engaged in causes starts right in our own backyard.

Let’s get connected. What’s your solution?

More information about this event:

About Bravo Media
Bravo Media is a production powerhouse for digital design based in London and Rio de Janeiro. The company has been successfully creating digital design for various high profile clients, including big West End musicals, Blue Chip brands, lawyers and government agencies since 2004.

About Social Good Day
*Mashable and **(RED) invite us to join the social media for social good movement by taking part in Social Day on September 23. They want us to get involved. It starts with each community coming together and contributing with ideas and, more importantly, solutions about how social media can raise awareness for social issues around the world.

*Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture.

**(RED) works with the world’s most iconic brands to make unique (RED) products, giving up to 50 percent of their profits to the Global Fund to invest in HIV and AIDS programs in Africa.

Since its launch in 2006, (RED) has generated over $150 million for the Global Fund and over 5 million people have been impacted by HIV and AIDS programs supported by your (RED) purchases

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bravo Media Rebrands GMTV Viewback website as Daybreak, in association with EasyInsites

Bravo Media commissioned by EasyInsites to redesign the Flagship ITV’s brand new breakfast programme’s research panel called Viewback.

Daybreak is the new breakfast television programme for the UK’s ITV network, which replaced the previous show, GMTV, in September 2010. It is presented by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakey.
Bravo Media, a web design agency based in London with offices in Rio de Janeiro, has been commissioned by online research agency EasyInsites to carry out this project. “This is a very exciting commission for us” said Bravo Media’s CEO, Bernardo Carvalho, "particularly following the success of our earlier work on the GMTV website".
The new Daybreak viewback is now live at 
About Bravo Media:
Bravo Media is a production powerhouse for digital design based in London and Rio de Janeiro. The company has been successfully delivering creative digital design for various high profile clients, including big West End musicals, Blue Chip brands, lawyers and government agencies since 2004.

About EasyInsites:
EasyInsites was founded by Charles Pearson and Jo Winning in March 2009. Their combined experience is 44 years with key roles in the areas of analytics, research methods, panel management, client service, quantitative, qualitative, syndicated, online fieldwork and panels across many industries FMCG, media, retail, financial services, telecom, and IT.
The vision for EasyInsites is to deliver unique and advanced, easier and cost effective, high quality online research to end clients, organisations, and boutique research agencies who seek their expertise in online research and in particular with building, maintaining and utilizing custom panels.

For further information please contact:
Elaine Monteiro
Tel: 0207 1931210

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Free SEMINAR: ‘Effective Website Design and Social Network Strategies’

Free SEMINAR: ‘Effective Website Design and Social Networks’ by Bravo Media CEO Bernardo Carvalho, Sponsored by Business Link in London

As part of Business Link’s ‘Digital Future: Grow your Business Online’ this FREE seminar will give the audience an unique insight into a creative approach to Web Design and using Social Networks.

London, UK (September 1st, 2010) --- Bernardo Carvalho, the CEO of Bravo Media, a web design agency based in London with offices in Rio de Janeiro will present an exclusive seminar on “Building Effective Websites and Social Networks” as part of Business Link in London’s ‘Digital Future: Grow your Business Online’ event.

The seminars will take place in two locations:
-The first event is taking part in association with South London Business on 28th September from 17:30 to 20:30 at the Croydon Park Hotel.

-The second event is taking part in association with Brent Business Venture and Park Royal Partnership on 30th September from 17:30 to 21:00 at the Wembley Plaza Hotel, Empire Way, London.


The event is aimed at business owners (with 5+ employees) who are looking to grow their business through an online strategy.

Presenters will be showcasing successful strategies that have worked for their business or clients. “The Business Link Seminars are an ideal setting for us to support and share advice on how business can improve their online presence. It is a great honour to be part of it as a presenter,” says Bernardo Carvalho of

Matthew Perkins, Regional Director and organizer of the Business Link in London Seminars, says: ‘We look forward to continuing our ongoing support for the entrepreneurships to help them further develop and grow their business.”

Speakers from different businesses will be on hand to share fresh ideas and to present online strategies including e-commerce, search engine optimization and social networking to increase business.

Speakers List:
Beverly Bergin – Business Development at PayPal
Bernardo Carvalho – CEO,
Mike Bradley – Founder, 1st Page Prophets

BOOK ONLINE NOW - Places are limited and going fast!

For more information please email or call 0207 1931210

Friday, 6 August 2010

Fantastic New File Transfer Site

We love companies that help our everyday lives: WeTransfer have launched a beautiful easy-to-use file transfer service. 

As creative designers, we often need to send large files to our clients and colleagues. This service features 2GB allowance, 2 weeks availability, 20 receivers for downloads and its FREE without the need for registration.

But the best of all in our view, is the well-designed email confirmation that gets sent to our clients, and the gorgeous site interface, with its full screen background imagery advertising.

So we thought we let our readers know about this. Enjoy!

Bernardo Carvalho

Friday, 23 July 2010

2x Free tools for Account/Project Managers

It's nothing new to say that the use of specific programs for creating timelines and sitemaps can be a real time-saver for Digital Project managers. 

Following the trend of maintaining files on the online medium for remote collaboration and easy access, were have collected here two free tools to help project managers. We hope you enjoy this blog post, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions!

Project Plans

Differential: the look of it is very inviting, its very easy to change information and the tool provides a clear view of project milestones and deadlines.

The tool does not replace the Microsoft Project (PC) or Merlin 2 (MAC) because it has some limitations. Its forte is the rapid creation of a timeline which looks great, without any Microsoft Project knowledge (and its high costs).

Creating sitemaps

MindMeister is a tool for creating sitemaps. This tool offers the possibility of placing representative images and comments on each node of the map, facilitating the visualization and understanding of the organizational chart. 

Differential: Users can edit the sitemap at the same time online, and view the changes being made in real time.

----- X ----- X -----

Both have a simple usability so that users can learn to operate them in minutes.

Furthermore, the user can access these tools from any computer, no need to download any type of program and still keep files saved online.

Know any tools you would like to share with our community? Send us an e-mail with your suggestions!

We hope these tips help you optimize your day, enjoy! 

Renata Couto
Project Manager

Monday, 31 May 2010

IPad Video Shopping concept

Here is one for our Fashionable clients! We love this concept of online shopping with the Ipad.

Need an Iphone/Ipad Application like this one? Get in touch via email or via our site

Mockup from Jesse Rosten

Friday, 16 April 2010

We have taken over Google!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cannes Lion Widget is out!

Cannes Lions And Adobe Launch The 2010 Festival Widget
Monday 12 April 2010
Cannes Lions has teamed up with Adobe to create a Festival Widget - an easy and fun way to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the Festival.

It has three features:
  • facts section, which lets you re-tweet our latest news at a click of a button;
  • testimonials gallery, which collects thoughts and comments from speakers, judges, attendees and enthusiasts in video format, and enables you to record your own message to the Festival via your webcam;
  • sharing option, allowing you to share the widget and its content on any of your favourite social networking sites, your blog or your website.

So get involved, tweet away, record your thoughts on the upcoming event, and by all means, spread the word.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Our digital portfolio is now on Flickr!

Hi folks!

Heres a new way to see what we've been up to: Click the logo below to view our latest digital work on Flickr!

What are your thoughts on our digital designs? All comments are welcomed!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Check out our brand new presentation!

Find out more about our processes, deliverables and the main advantages of working with our production studio!

20 years of the web: it has changed the world, but what, if anything, has it done to us?

Take part in a unique BBC experiment to discover the impact the web is having on our brains, and discover which species of web animal you are.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Experiential Marketing at Rio airport goes viral!

Hi folks!

This not a digital campaign (although is now viral) but I just HAVE to share it with you. Inspired by the T-mobile Liverpool Street stunt of course.

Experiential Marketing at its best: sponsored by TAP air Portugal and Infraero (Brazil airports) they have made a celebration for the day of Rio de Janeiro's patron saint São Sebastião.

500k viewers in one month on YouTube and still going strong - I'd say its a very successful piece of work.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New e-commerce article published!

New e-commerce article from Bravo Media web design London on Digital Ministry: 10 tips on getting an effective e-commerce website in 2010. To view it now click:

We would love to hear your comments!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Digital Ministry - Thinking of Outsourcing? Read this first

Our MD Bernardo Carvalho has just been appointed a Digital Ministry Champion, as a recognition for his accomplishments in the digital arena.

Check out his brand new article on outsourcing:

Digital Ministry - Thinking of Outsourcing? Read this first