Monday, 22 November 2010

Useful New Multimedia Tool: BridgeURL

A New Tool We Think You Might Like! 

BridgeURL: Share multiple links with one short URL

Launched only few weeks ago, BridgeURL is an easy way for you to share multiple links with one easy to remember URL. You can input multiple links and generate one URL that will display all listed links in a slideshow format.

It’s useful for researching a project with your team, for example, or just for sharing a collection of cool sites with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Lets say that you want to share your 10 Youtube videos with friends, Simply copy/paste the URL on Bridge and get one easy-to-share link!

You can use BridgeURL in Different Ways: 
It creates slideshow of URL’s on specific topic to be shared 
You can share links of articles or apps for your followers 
Share your most popular posts with your Twitters users or email list 
Designers could use BridgeURL as a way to share their portfolio

With a few links we created an example portfolio with some of the websites we have created for our clients. Click the image to view it:

It’s simple and fast to use. BridgeURL is a free service and no sign-up is required; simply enter a title for your slideshow and your list of URLs and hit “Create link”.

We think it is a genius idea.

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Elaine Monteiro 


Web design in Melbourne said...

Thanks, It is very useful tool. I will use next time with my new projects

Mark said...

You should also cosider using they offer better services and designs. More usuful features too.