Friday, 23 July 2010

2x Free tools for Account/Project Managers

It's nothing new to say that the use of specific programs for creating timelines and sitemaps can be a real time-saver for Digital Project managers. 

Following the trend of maintaining files on the online medium for remote collaboration and easy access, were have collected here two free tools to help project managers. We hope you enjoy this blog post, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions!

Project Plans

Differential: the look of it is very inviting, its very easy to change information and the tool provides a clear view of project milestones and deadlines.

The tool does not replace the Microsoft Project (PC) or Merlin 2 (MAC) because it has some limitations. Its forte is the rapid creation of a timeline which looks great, without any Microsoft Project knowledge (and its high costs).

Creating sitemaps

MindMeister is a tool for creating sitemaps. This tool offers the possibility of placing representative images and comments on each node of the map, facilitating the visualization and understanding of the organizational chart. 

Differential: Users can edit the sitemap at the same time online, and view the changes being made in real time.

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Both have a simple usability so that users can learn to operate them in minutes.

Furthermore, the user can access these tools from any computer, no need to download any type of program and still keep files saved online.

Know any tools you would like to share with our community? Send us an e-mail with your suggestions!

We hope these tips help you optimize your day, enjoy! 

Renata Couto
Project Manager

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