Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Get in the game this week with AKQA's latest innovation: StarPlayer

Heineken has launched a brand new live football game, StarPlayer, which allows players to predict what will happen at key moments in UEFA Champions League matches to score points.
The game, which was created and devised by creative agency AKQA, taps into a growing 'dual screen' habit amongst audiences: the tendency to watch TV while also chatting with mates via social media networks on computers or mobile phones. StarPlayer works in real-time, with players invited to forecast the outcome of corners, free kicks and penalties by choosing between a number of options. Different point scores are awarded depending on the likelihood of the outcome. Players also have the chance to guess when goals will take place - at the start of the game they are given eight chances to predict whether there will be a goal in the next 30 seconds, with points awarded on a sliding scale depending on how early the goal is anticipated.
Top job by top dog UK agency AKQA, watch the promo below!

Post by: Bernardo Carvalho - Bravo Media 

Monday, 7 March 2011

Microsoft finally decides to encourage users to ditch Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft has come out with a neat hotsite showing the current world usage of the old Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), and encouraging visitors to ditch it for an upgrade.

The idea is to get users to upgrade to the latest version: IE9 which will fix many of the long standing bugs and limitations of a browser that is the pet hate of most web designers.

The campaign urges users to upgrade and help lower the IE6 usage to 1% of the world IE users. People are also encouraged to join the campaign by embedding a banner to their site that detects the user's browser version.

Having struggled for many years with this 10 year old dinosaur, which is often used in public institutions, government and "old school" private companies, we welcome this initiative with open arms.

Check out the result in the link: http://www.theie6countdown.com

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Campus Party Brazil 2011

Campus Party Brazil 2011
At this moment it’s taking place in São Paulo, Brazil the largest tech and digital conference in the world. Students, teachers, manufactures, market specialists all gather together to experience the latest in science, entertainment , digital and high tech innovations.
Tickets are sold out, but you can see live broadcasts and catch some of the podcasts on:
Its definitely worth taking a peek.
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