Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bravo Media Killer Techniques Wow Seminar Audience!

Bravo Media shows how to instantly transform online presence and drive sales traffic to a full house at City of London Business seminar !

Bernardo Carvalho, Director at Web Design agency Bravo Media, gave a talk and illustrated presentation, entitled: Discover Essential Website Tools and Killer Creative Techniques‟ at a specially organised seminar aimed at highlighting the importance of maximising online business presence, on February 24 th at City Business Library, Moorgate, London.

Attended by a capacity audience of both business start ups and professional organisations, the seminar was opened by Chief Librarian, Goretti Considine, announcing their relocation to expanded facilities at London's Guildhall later in the year.

Kelvin Graham, Director of 66-99 Web PR - who conceived and organised the event in association with City Business Library – delivered a talk emphasising three vital ingredients for effective online business – infrastructure, design and content – and the crucial part that concise, targeted text plays in customers successfully finding and returning to a website. 66-99 Web PR provide written content to business, leisure and culture sectors, for different types of web page applications, to help maintain an active site.

Sponsor of the seminar event, Tim Walker, MD of Iconnyx, internet access providers with managed hosting, followed with an explanation of the different types of cable connectivity and remote server options they can supply. Attention was drawn to reinforcing the evening's theme of quality and "good practices" to achieve high results.

Topping the bill was Bravo Media, one of a growing number of London's up and coming website design companies who are geared up to providing high quality, fully optimised website design. Bravo Media recently created sites for West End productions of Billy Elliot, Hairspray and online gaming room, Pokerstars.

Bernardo Carvalho delivered a relaxed and informal presentation, taking his audience through an engaging journey on the highs and lows of website design, illustrating "what to do and what not to do", highlighted by a number of website examples and referring to helpful online resources.

Responding warmly to the presentation, a stimulating Q & A session ensued in which Bernardo answered a quick flurry of questions from the floor.

Judging the evening as a resounding success, Bernardo was especially pleased, “Our message was the vital importance of getting serious when planning to have a high standard of website. That's why we partnered with 66-99 and Iconnyx to show all sides to the process. The feedback and interest has shown me that we did get that message across”.

With over sixty percent of the UK online, it is a message that all businesses need to hear!

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